About Us

Mission Statement

Making a real difference to people’s lives is the motivation; Delivering individually tailored solutions is our occupation; Bridging gaps is the art.

Flag - revised-squareBridge-it Options was set up and is led by a team of Housing and Health & Social Care professionals, combined they have over 25 years’ experience in Public, Health and  Social Care sector. The leadership team is highly qualified; hold Degrees in Social Housing, Business Administration, Leadership in Health and Social Care, Diplomas in Social Housing, Social Care, Supported Housing and Disability Management and various other qualifications that help to safeguard Bridge-it Options is run in a professional manner and stay focused on its aims, values and beliefs. Despite being highly qualified, the leadership team continually seek to develop academically and keep ahead with changes in Public Welfare, Health and Social Care. They have worked through the ranks, from hands on delivery of care in private homes, residential & nursing homes, hospitals, designing care and support services, writing strategies for local authorities through to managing high profile government projects in social welfare. The setting up of Bridge-it Options draws from all the years of experience, backed with research and academic qualifications.

We are aware that without the right staff, all the hard work invested in setting up Bridge-it Options would have been a waste. All staff employed by Bridge-it Options undergo a rigorous selection process and a high quality training programme. Our staff are well supported, supervised and have access to career development opportunities and free training. We will only assign staff to Clients on the understanding that they have the requisite qualifications, skills, experience, and aptitude to carry out assigned duties to a high standard.

‘A lot of effort, thought and years of experience was invested in setting up Bridge-it Options. Understandably, we are possessive of the Bridge-it Options brand, passionate about high quality and excellence in all the services provided under that brand. We acknowledge that Bridge-it Options staff make us who we are, it is important that we handpick the right people with right qualifications, who have the right approach to work, and share our values and philosophy to join our team in order for Bridge-it Options to achieve its goals’ – Mazviita Appleton, Leadership Team

To be a provider of choice; branded for excellence and producing intended outcomes.

Our Values

We take personal responsibility for our actions; admit when we get it wrong and put things right; we keep promises and commitments.
Being there and demonstrating a concern for people, aiming to deliver the best, making a real difference and delivering intended outcomes effectively.
We value, promote and fiercely protect our brand and reputation. We are passionate about our business and the services we provide and take pride in excellence.
We act with integrity and show respect, demonstrate a commitment to integrity and ethics through valuing & listening to people and always assume a positive intent in all our actions.
Outcome Driven
Focusing on the most important, bridging gaps, producing intended outcomes and finding ways around obstacles.
We find delight in our customers, staff and stakeholders satisfaction. We aim to be the best in the sector particularly in the quality of services we provide and our standard of performance.
Openness and Clarity
We are clear about our mission, values, strategies and policies. Open about our work and share appropriate information with our clients, stakeholders and staff.
We are innovative and imaginative in what we do. We aim to be leaders, challenging the way things are done in order to do things better, showing curiosity and spotting opportunities for change.