Community Response & Comfort Calls


The Community Response

The Community Response service complements our Tele-Care service in that we respond to call outs from Clients who have Tele-Care Technology fitted in their homes. The Client’s home will be linked to a monitoring centre that can respond to them by the press of a button. Trained operators manage the monitoring centre 24 hrs and day 365 days a year.

The operators can arrange for a doctor, Police, emergency services, or the Response Team who also work around the clock all year round, to the Client’s home.

The service acts as a key holder, (a key safe is fitted at the Client’s home, of which we will hold the Key safe number). A Community Response Team member will visit to ensure the Client is fine regardless of whether emergency services have been summoned or not. This service gives peace of mind, knowing that there is someone to respond to at the time of need. It also assures friends and family who have busy lives or live far away from their loved ones that there is someone available at short notice in the case of emergencies.

Comfort Calls

We do realise that Life-line alarms are not for everyone, as some people only need a reminder to do certain things, some just need someone to call them and ask them if they are alright.

This service offers exactly that. One does not necessarily need to have a Life-line machine to have this service, a telephone is all you need for this service to work. However, we recommend that having a Life-line machine will give that extended peace of mind You actually speak to a real person on the other end of the phone, which is great.

This service gives you assurance and makes sure that you do not miss appointments and family & friends do worry about their loved ones welfare when they are not there. This service is also valuable for main carers, because if something happens to them, the person they normally care for will be stranded and more times than not, will not know what to do.