Live-in Care

Bridge-it Options is about, high quality, excellence, and peace of mind. This is why our Live-in packages come with a complementary 24-hour service. The 24-hour package includes a FREE Tele-Care package which uses  the latest technology in Tele-care Monitoring, 24-hour monitoring via our 24-hour call centre which operates 365 days a year; have 24-hour back up of a Client Relationship Manager as well as your allocated Live in Personal Assistant who is with you 24 hours a day.

The complementary Tele-Care package is adaptable to a number of sensors such as, pressure mats, incontinence sensors, bed or chair occupancy sensors and many others. This package aims peace of mind and long term relationship with us and long term financial saving for our Clients.

Live-in Care / Companionship – Our Live-in Care packages are unique and bespoke to each individual, as we believe that one size does not fit all. We will seek to understand the Client’s needs. This will help us to short list our Personal Assistant to the Client’s primary needs. We further delve into the sort of things the Client likes, their preference, interests, pastimes, hobbies, important people, dislikes, and requirements for care of pets etc. This will narrow our shortlist and will enable us to prepare a bespoke tailored package that meets the Client’s exact needs. When you contact us, we arrange to visit and discuss your requirements in more detail and answer your questions. This is a very important meeting to both you and us. From this meeting you will be able to decide whether we are the right company to provide your Care or not, while we get to understand your requirement so we can match your needs with the right Personal Assistant.

It is the start of a potentially long- term relationship with Bridge-it Options. We therefore suggest that all members of the family involved in the decision- making, and the professionals involved in your care do come along and most importantly, the person who needs the care. live-in-care-photos

Respite Convalescence

It is widely recognised that everybody needs some time away from their caring duties, so that they can recharge their batteries. Live-in Respite Care minimises disruption and keeps your loved one in familiar surroundings, with a familiar circle of friends and neighbours, with the freedom to follow their usual daily routine. Bridge-it Options provides Respite cover at short notice, scheduled times or an ongoing arrangement as and when needed.

Where possible, we advise that the Respite Personal Assistant comes to for a couple of days before you the main Carer goes away , so that they can learn exactly how you like things done to ensure a proper handover.

Depending on where you Live-in the country, there may be financial support for respite care, or sometimes GPs can prescribe respite. The Carer’s Trust (was Crossroads Care and the Princess Royal Trust for Carers) has local information.

Palliative Care

We understand that arranging End of Life care for a loved one can be very stressful and that the whole end of life arrangement can be very difficult.

We are here to support you in as much as we can, and we do not charge anything to set up a Palliative Care package. All you need to do is give us a call and we will find the right Personal Assistant trained in End of Life Care. We also give special training to all our Personal Assistants so that they have the skills necessary to provide terminal illness support.

The Personal Assistant will be supported by our Client Relationship Manager and will be working alongside Community Nurses and other Professionals as well as the Client’s family. This offers the prospect of continuity for our Clients at a difficult period in their lives, as they do not have to change agencies.

Where The Heart Is

WHERE THE HEART IS aims to give our Clients peace of mind and enable them to concentrate on recovering in an environment they love being in and in surrounding they are familiar with getting the undivided attention from our friendly and caring staff. We believe some people do not need to be in hospital to recover, they only need someone to take good care of them, and they can recover quicker at home than they would in hospital.

We will also:

  • Get your home ready for when you come back
  • Arrange for minor house repairs and adaptation to carried out
  • Liaise with professionals on your behalf to ensure services and repairs done

This service is also complemented by our Home Projects service which helps with managing small projects – Please see our Home Projects Service.

Live-in Care Options

We offer two options of Live-in Care:

  • The First option is that we offer a Live-in Personal Assistant, who is employed, supervised, managed and trained by us. This service comes with our Unique 24 Hour Package. The package includes, supply, fit and monitoring of the latest Technology in Tele-Care, 24 hour Tele-Care monitoring, access to a Client Relationship Manager 24 hours. The Technology provided is adaptable to a number of sensors like pressure mats, incontinence sensors, bed or chair occupancy sensors and many others. We take the responsibility of managing, supervising, meeting on-going training needs for the Personal Assistant as well as cover their work under our insurance.
  • The second option is we introduce you to a self-employed Personal Assistant, and you pay us a one off introductory fee or a weekly fee. Even though the personal assistant will be self-employed we offer a separate payroll service free of charge to ensure that the Personal Assistant is paid on time and you pay us by invoice. You manage and supervise them and they are responsible for their ongoing training.

All the Personal Assistants whether directly employed by us or self-employed go through a rigorous recruitment process, which includes DBS/police check, references, eligibility to work in UK, Philosophy of care interview, reference checks, and formal review of their training. We then arrange training to fill in any gaps identified or recommend identified training needs for the self-employed Personal Assistants. All you need to do is choose an option that suits you.