Stay Put At Home

At Bridge-it Options, we are committed to providing our Clients, whatever their needs, with exactly the right level of care and support. Our Stay Put service provides a menu of three services; all aimed at ensuring you Stay Put at Home. We offer Live-in Care; Community Response & Comfort Calls and Where the Heart is (a hospital to home service). All three services have dedication to ensure that people do not need to move into residential care in order to feel secure.

Live-in Care is a cost effective alternative to Residential/Nursing home as a Personal Assistant lives you. They will provide you with all the care, companion, and support you need as well as carrying out housekeeping duties and other tasks such as helping to care for pets. With Live-in Care, you are guaranteed a highly personalised service, which can never be achieved in Residential / Nursing homes. Further to Live-in Care, we also provide Respite Convalescence; Palliative Care and a Hospital to Home Service.

For the Comfort Calls and Community Response service, we will supply, fit, and monitor Tele-Care equipment in your home. It is through the Tele-Care system that we will provide you with Comfort Calls, Community Response Service or both. Comfort Calls; is when our 24-hour call centre, trained staff call you either once a day or up to three times a day depending on what you want. Clients usually use this service as a reminder for things like taking medication, attending appointments or, reassurance amongst other things. Community Response; works when you have triggered a personal alarm for whatever reason, could be that you have fallen or there is a bogus caller at the door or you feel unsafe or whatever reason.

Our 24-hour trained call centre operators will try and speak to you through the Tele-Care System to ascertain what the problem is. They will then summon the help required; this could be Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, or our Response Team. Even if they do not get a response from you, they will still summon the Response Team. The Response Team act as Key Holders, which means your home will be fitted with a Key Safe of which the Response Team will have a code for. The Community Response Service is currently only available to Clients who live with within 45 minutes’ drive from our Head Office or our Call Centre offices in Bracknell (RG19 8BG and RG12 1JD). If you already have a Life-line unit fitted by another provider, you can still engage our Community Response service. Call us today and we can take you through your options.

Our Home Projects Service complements all our Stay Put services. The Home Projects service is aimed for Clients and families who may feel there is too much in the way that needs sorting out in order for them or their loved one to continue staying at home. This could be as simple as managing a small home adaptation, downsizing, de-cluttering, moving from one room to another etc. In this case, all you need to do is just give us instructions; we do the running around while you get on with other things. You will only have to make final decisions that are not time consuming or take you out of your busy schedule.

We share the traditional belief that HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS. At some point in our lives, we may need to go in to hospital to get treatment.
The Community Response service does what it says on the tin, it also complements our Tele-Care service in that we respond to call outs from clients who have Tele-Care Technology fitted in their homes.
Our live in care packages are unique and bespoke to each individual as we believe that one size does not fit all and no two individuals are the same.
There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort
Jane Austin