Wants and Wishes

This is a unique service, it’s aimed to ensure people achieve their wishes or continue with the lifestyle they have become accustomed to. The main reason Wants and Wishes service was developed was the realisation that as people are living longer and healthier, other areas of their wellbeing were being ignored while all the emphasis was on the practical and physical Care side of things. We identified that there is a gap that we needed to be fulfil in order to help our Clients continue with the same high standard lifestyles they have always had.

With the awareness that having a taste for finer things in life does not diminish because of becoming older or being disabled;  also that people work very hard for a very long time and when they retire they just want to have peace of mind, seat back, relax and let someone lend a hand in organising their wants and wishes. We also considered that sometimes Clients and their families may need help which may be a deciding factor for where one goes into residential care or not. With that in mind, The Wants and Wishes service was developed; it comes with three service elements, Bells and Whistles; Supported Holidays and Home Projects. So whether you want to go away on holiday, organise a dinner party or project managing of home repairs, be assured Bridge-it Options Ltd is there for you.

We are not just about caring; we help you maintain a lifestyle in which you have become accustomed


Bells & Whistles

All elements in this service are handpicked to ensure our Clients continue to enjoy the finer things throughout their life for as long as they want.

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Home Projects

We understand how stressful it can be to manage projects for your loved ones while balancing a busy work schedule, family and other life issues. Our Project Management Service will take this worry off you and leave you to make decisions that are important and less time consuming.

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Supported Holidays

We wanted to create a unique service geared to arrange and take our senior citizens and those living with disabilities on holidays. We are of the view that being elderly or living with a disability does not mean inability to go on holidays.

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Bells & Whistles

Bells & Whistles service covers a broad range of services, varying from companionship; personal assistance/organisation; chauffeuring, property maintenance, housekeeping, arranging holidays, shows, parties and events, gardening, pet care, housekeeping, running errands amongst others.

The services are offered in a range of formats such as Live-in/out; scheduled visits; ad hoc; holiday relief; sitting service; and respite service. Our Clients can also tell us what they want, and our dedicated team will get it done. So whether you enjoy a day out at Ascot an afternoon at Wimbledon, organising posh dinner parties, cream tea, you can be rest assured Bridge-it Options is there for you.

This service is purely based on what our Client or their friends and family want in order to maintain the lifestyle they have become accustomed to.

Home Projects

Our mission is to ensure people Stay Put at Home, so if there is any project that needs taking care of first in order for you or your loved one to stay at home, just give us instructions, we do the running around while you get on with other things. We draw up a plan and set milestones, agree them with you then get the job done. You will only have to make final decisions that are not time consuming and do not take you out of your busy schedule.
How is that for peace of mind!

Once all that is out of the way, you can explore our range of services; Tele-Care, Domiciliary Care, Live-in Care/Companionship or Direct Payments Management and Brokerage. Through these services, you can complete the jigsaw and have a complete peace of mind knowing you or your loved ones are in safe hands, living in a secure and safe environment and most importantly, at home.

Typical projects are:

  • Finding and liaising with estate agents to sell a property, ensuring the property is in good order to attract new buyers.
  • Taking your loved ones out to ensure viewing can take place while they are out.
  • Arranging house moves.
  • De-clutter and disposing of un wanted stuff.
  • Finding alternative property, downsizing organising house move and settling in the new home.
  • Liaising, arranging and project managing Home Improvement, adjustments and adaptations.
  • Finding and putting a reliable care package in place. Overseeing small building works.
  • House clearing.

Our project management service is complemented by our other services like Tele-Care, Live-in Care/ Companionship and Domiciliary Care.

Supported Holidays

Whether you like sightseeing, relaxing by the pool or beach, evening entertainment, learning about other cultures, theatre outings or excursions, working with reputable travel agencies, we will put together a holiday or outing package that suite your desire and most importantly, your budget. Bridge-it Options supported holidays provide unforgettable holiday experiences for elderly people and adults with learning difficulties. Holidays can be taken throughout the year in United Kingdom and worldwide destinations. You tell us where you want to go, and you leave the rest to us.

Through research, we found that number of people with living in supported accommodation / residential care may not be able to go away on holidays or outings as that will take staff away from other residents. As a result, group holidays or outings may be the only option. Also some support providers do not allow their staff to go on holiday with Clients/ Service users.

We offer a different approach to most holiday companies. We feel it’s important for both you and the Personal Assistant(s) whom you will go on holiday with to know each other first before the holiday. The Personal Assistant(s) who will go on holiday with you will visit you a few times before the holiday. This will help you to get used to know them and for them to fully understand your needs and your daily routines.

The Personal Assistant(s) will meet with the people who support you at home as well. They will need to know things like the support you currently get at home, the things that matter to you, things you like and don’t like, your medication, your care and support needs etc. before the holiday. Our holidays are designed to promote independence and personal development, whilst offering all the support the holidaymaker needs, whether its personal care or physical assistance. As standard, all holidays are offered with comprehensive support package with a minimum one Personal Assistant(s) to three-holiday makers ratio. Our staff are qualified, trained and DBS/Police checked and will be there to support you 24 hours a day throughout the holiday.