Where The Heart Is

Bridge-it HomeWe offer flexible and practical support to help patients return to independent living at their own pace, in an environment they are used to, which is their home. Continued recovery following discharge from hospital or coming back home from a care/residential home relies on having the appropriate care and support in place. We work with the professionals, friends, and family involved with the Client’s care and support to ensure their recuperation or adjustment at home is achieved in a safe environment that is conducive to their recovery.

WHERE THE HEART IS aims to give Clients peace of mind and enable them to concentrate on recovering in an environment they love being in and in surrounding(s) that they are familiar with; as well as getting undivided attention from our friendly and caring staff. We believe some people do not need to be in hospital to recover, they only need someone to take good care of them, and they can recover quicker at home, than they would in hospital.

The Hospital to home Liaison Manager will work with others involved in the Client’s care to agree on a discharge package and the expected outcomes. All our services are personalised to the individual receiving them so everything will be drawn specifically to the Client being discharged from hospital or returning home from residential or care home. Our main aim is to ensure Clients do not spend time in hospital unnecessarily or continue to stay in residential or care home they you feel it is not for them.

The support we offer in this service is usually short term for a period of 2-12 weeks. If there is still a need after the agreed period, the Clients can move on to our Stay Put at Service, which offers more long-term services, these include Tele-Care alarms, Comfort Calls, Community Response Service, Domiciliary, Live-in care etc.

Additionally we are able to:

  • Get your home ready for when you come back
  • Arrange for minor house repairs be to done if they are needed
  • Coordinate with professionals on your behalf to ensure services and repairs and adaptations are carried out.